Real Server Solutions for Business

Custom designed Xeon servers

A server is more than just a high-end version of a desktop system. Intel® Xeon® processor-based server delivers:

  • Improved reliability and data security with platforms designed for continuous operation
  • Better performance to run multiple business applications simultaneously
  • Error correction memory and drive capacity that make a server a better long-term investment
  • Power saving and remote management options to reduce operating costs
Hybrid And Virtualized Solutions

For SMBs using cloud-based IT solutions, adding an on-premise server can be an efficient and affordable way to help increase employee productivity and protect valuable company data. Virtualizing on-premise servers can reduce costs and simplify management. A server based on the Intel® Xeon® processor product family delivers the performance and security your small business needs—today and tomorrow.

Our staff has the expertise to assist your needs, our custom-built servers can help keep your business functioning efficiently. Talk to our staff for the guidance on building your new company server.

Cloud Services in Centerville, Ohio