Software and Hardware Support

We at Computer Creations offer a variety of support in many of the Software and IT areas. Depending on your product and where you need assistance, we believe our staff can help support your company.

On-Site Support

With our hardware products your company receives a two-year parts and labor warranty. We also offer different Hardware/Software Maintenance Contracts that can give you the extra support in those crucial moments.

Monthly Assessment, Tune-up & Recovery

It is a must in the business world today to protect your company and your data from any threats or occurrences that can happen to your product down the line. We hate to see these easily avoidable problems occur, which is why we offer Monthly Assessment & Tune-ups to make sure everything is running in tip-top shape.

We recommend these services, not only to make sure your product is fully operationally, but to save your company the hassle of possible disasters. If your company’s records and data are being stored On-Site, our monthly assessments and tune-ups help avoid potential risks to your company’s future.

Off-Site Support

Problems are often easily over looked, if not checked for everyday. Hardware, and even software, can sometimes crash or run into issues without staff noticing. We try to help our clients by giving them that extra assurance that even if the problem is missed in-house, we can help assist issues from the outside.

Remote-Monitoring & Backup-Monitoring

From our location, we can both assist in the monitoring of your network and server, along with your software and the data being backed up.

With this second pair of eyes watching your company’s hardware and software, more importantly, your company’s data, we like to think that you can sit back and relax, knowing that we are looking out for your company’s future with you.

Emergency Support

We offer 24/7, emergency coverage in the case of a crash or failure.

If you are unsure of what maintenance your company needs, call us to speak with one of our reps.